Cindy Koistinen
Soprano, B.A., MMus.  

Gilbert J. Anderson
Baritone, B.A. Mus., Dip. Th. Ar.

Who are we?

We are a show romance gone wrong. 

Yeah, you read that right.  If you know anything about show romances, they are supposed to be short lived.  Ours has lasted 25 years so far.  (We're kinda rebels that way.)

After the show romance turned to a marriage, we decided to move to Vancouver to pursue degrees in Operatic Performance.  Offered lead roles in our auditions, we were excited at the prospect of moving to the coast to pursue our dreams of the operatic stage.  Little did we know that fate had a different plan for us, and in  the first week of school we would find out we were to become parents. 

Instead of quitting, we simply brought our little girl along with us for the ride. It took a little longer to get where we were going, but we made it through our degrees.  With these in hand, we decided to move to a bigger pond and packed up our belongings to move across the country to Toronto.  With our suitcases and four boxes (literally) we set out to make a life as performers in the big smoke.  Six years in Toronto provided us with some great opportunities for performing and many mis-steps as well.  A move back to Alberta in 2010 to be with family means we are now here with a wealth of experience to share with you.

From a deep centre of love for performing we are committed to empowering students to not only become well-rounded performers, but also to consider how to deal with the business of performing. (And not JUST opera!)

With many years of teaching experience under their respective belts, both Cindy and Gil are also active members of the local NATS chapter (National Association of Teachers of Singing). We also bring our experiences, both good and bad, to share with our students in order to give them not only a strong technical foundation in singing, but also to guide and mentor them through the business of making a living and a life as a performer

From summer training programs to university degree and college programs, we have the experience and connections to help guide you to make your best choices as an aspiring performer. Our students have been accepted into Grant MacEwan’s Theatre Arts program, the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Music program, The University of Toronto’s voice performance program, the Edmonton Opera Chorus and Italy’s prestigious opera training program COSI.

Not looking to be a professional singer?  That's okay too!!  We love working with dedicated amateurs that simply want to better themselves and explore their instruments.  We create safe and encouraging environments in our studios for you to explore the uniqueness of your voice and musical style at your own pace.  (And Cindy really enjoys working with adult beginners, so don't be shy!)

Want to know a little more? Please check out our full bios here, and follow this link to our contact form.  Shoot us an email!  We'd love to hear from you and how we can help you achieve YOUR goals!